How to start

There are two types of API that we currently provide:

1. to E-commerce Platform

Selling JD product to their platform through API connections. Please see the detail in this.

2.       Seller to

Seller who want to use API to connect and manage their shop in order to stabilize their business across different marketplace system


How to access API through the OpenAPI Platform:

1.       Log in to our website: and register as qualified seller in

2.       Open and click “Control Center”

3.       Then create new APP in Control Center. Enter your APP name and your Email, then save.


4.       Now you have completed the APP registration, but you do not have the authentication. As a result, you still cannot use the API

5.       Once you have the APP registration is completed, then click “Manage”, select the category and API you need for review

6.       Once you submitted all the necessary API that you want, you could send an email to to explain your background and intention. This will help to get the authentication faster